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Manage your weight rather than have your weight manage you!

Americans are growing in size, but not in a good way. The percentage of Americans who are overweight and obese has reached epidemic proportions in the United States. Unfortunately, many other prosperous countries are following the same pattern. It's not a simple problem with a simple solution, but it must be faced head on for the health and future wellbeing of individuals and of the world.

Being overweight and obese leads to so many other problems, including heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, depression, cancer, sleep problems, joint problems, foot problems, and more. The costs are mounting up both in quality of life as well as financially.

There's more to weight management than just losing weight. The saying "You can't be too skinny" is not true. Not everyone needs to lose weight. In fact, it may be dangerous for some. It takes a knowledgeable health care professional to know the difference.

For those who need to lose weight, these people need more help than just being told, "You need to lose weight," or "Watch what you eat," or "Eat less and move more." They need knowledge, inspiration, and tools to not only lose weight, but just as importantly, to keep off the weight they lose.

I have been on both sides, overweight and underweight. I understand weight management is not easy. "It's a lifelong battle, but one you can win. If I did it, you can too. "

I enjoy helping people get over their weight problems. I also work closely with my architect husband to help build healthy neighborhoods by creating walkable communities. I want to help you and/or your business in the field of weight management.

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