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Integrative medicine integrates or combines the modern science of medicine and the wisdom of ancient healing. Some call it complementary medicine, because these two schools of thought work together to complement one another.



Integrative medicine benefits you if you are healthy and want to stay that way, or if you have an acute or chronic illness. It is really a whole way of embracing your life as a complete entity…body, mind, and spirit. Once you realize that you are not just your body, but that you are a spirit being living in a natural body with a mind that has the ability to think, take in information you want, take out information you don’t want, and make decisions, you are in possession of a powerful tool!

I’ve spent many years studying and practicing the modern science of medicine as well as what some think of as alternate forms of health and healing, both on the physical and spiritual level. I also realize the importance of working with qualified health professionals and not just someone who wants to sell you something. I want to help you in this field or help guide you to others who are qualified to help you EnJOY your life to its fullest.

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