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Cardiovascular disease or coronary heart disease is America's leading cause of death. Not only can it kill you, having heart disease can also affect your quality of life. Studies continue to show us you can decrease your risks for most kinds of heart disease.

I became a nurse because of my strong family history of heart disease. My father, whom I adored, was one of many family members to have his life affected by heart disease, as well as die at a young age.


When you are personally affected by a certain disease process, it makes you more alert to what's going on in the field. Since I am a health care professional, I keep up in the field of cardiovascular medicine not only for my patients, but also for myself and my family.

I want to help you decrease your risk of heart disease to lead a healthy long life. I want to help your business reach out to help people who are at risk or have been affected by heart disease.


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