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Many people ask me how I lost 60 pounds and kept it off. I tell them, "I finally got my head together." I understand people need to know what to do. I can do that for you, but I also understand it's the hanging in there everyday that gets tough.

Whether it be your health, your weight, your relationships, or your finances, most of these tips work for making changes that allow you to EnJOY Life! for a lifetime. They've turned my health, relationships, business, and life around. These words can change yours too.

Find a reason you want to make healthy lifestyle changes. People don't change without a reason. What's yours?

Realize there are no good excuses, just bad ones. We're full of excuses for not doing what we know we need to do. Stop making excuses!

Identify your obstacles. You can't reach your goals without getting those obstacles out of the way.

Get the word "diet" out of your head. Once people think they are on diet, they want everything they think they "can't" have.

Pick something you like to do and WILL DO to get more movement in your
life. It can be simple and easy, it just needs to be more than what you're
already dong for a start.

Keep a food and activity log. This is not for anyone but you. There's something to writing down what you eat and how much you move. Writing your thoughts down also helps.

Learn to love yourself. If you love yourself you'll take care of you. Think about someone or something you really love. Do you treat them or feed them like you treat and feed you?

I send out a daily inspirational message to help keep you inspired. I understand you're busy so I keep them short and sweet. People tell me it speaks to them and gets their day started. If you would like to receive these messages, email me at [email protected].


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