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Posted on January 7th, 2008 by admin.
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Obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, depression, and cancer.  Pick up a newspaper, turn on the news.  We hear something about these everyday.  Yes, living in the USA, a country with over 60% of our population overweight or obese, we should.  The sad fact is it’s happening beyond our borders.  Partially because the U.S. has gone beyond its borders with part of what has made us so fat.  We’re sending other countries our way of eating, our way of living, our way of thinking.  As you get to know me through this site, you’ll learn that although I know overweight and obesity are linked to the other conditions mentioned above, I also understand being overweight or obese is a tangled web, meaning the cause is not simple. I do think a lot of it stems from our thoughts.  THINK about it.  Do you find yourself eating when you’re glad, sad, happy, or mad?  Do you find yourself doing things out of habit?  For example, soon after dinner do you find yourself eating when you know you’re not even hungry? Do you practice mindless eating? If you don’t know, take the National Mindless Eating Challenge.  I go beyond Mindless Eating to Mindless Living.  This includes more than food.  It’s more about habits.  A habit is something you do over and over again.  After a while you don’t even think about it, you automatically do it.  You may even identify yourself with the things you do.  A person who isn’t very active may say, “I’m a couch potato.”  Well, if h/she sits on the couch and watches TV all day then that’s correct.  But, that doesn’t mean that person can’t change.  The way to change is to change or exchange habits.  Exchange taking a walk for 15 or 30 minutes for sitting on the couch.  If one does this daily, this person can no longer say he/she is a couch potato.  That person has broken one habit by making another one.  This person can now say, I used to be couch potato, but I’m more active now.  This person has changed. Well, that’s my introduction.  I’m all about change.  That’s why I invite you to join my revolution.  Revolution involves change.  I have changed.  I know you can too…if you want to bad enough. I leave you with this today.  Hope.  There is always hope for you. What would you like to change in your life?  EnJOY! thinking about this. Joy

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